How to Duplicate a Hard Drive: A Complete Guide

Hard Drive

We are lucky to be in the day and age where people can travel with their computers, surf whatever websites they like, and have the luxury of being on the computer hours at a time. With new technology comes new risks though. If you own a laptop, hard drives fail from constant movement. If you … Read more

The Best Photo Editing Programs That’ll Transform Your Photo Album


Did you know that taking photos once required heavy equipment? With today’s technology, anyone can start taking photos. Many smartphones offer decent built-in cameras that can take professional photos. Anyone can enjoy photography as a hobby. Many people turn photography into a profitable freelance business. If you’re starting your own photography business or looking to … Read more

Anniversary Coming Up? These Are the Best Gifts for Significant Others


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, buying presents for your partner can be difficult. If you’re stressing out about an upcoming anniversary, let us help. Keep reading to find the best gifts for your significant other. Jewelry One of the easiest go-to gift ideas for significant others is jewelry. You don’t need to … Read more

Why Is My Mac So Slow? The Problems and the Solutions


Has your Mac been running slower than usual lately? Are you wondering if it’s getting time for you to replace your current one with a new Mac? Not so fast! Your Mac slowing down isn’t a telltale sign that your Mac is dying. In fact, there are several things you can do to speed up … Read more

How to Speed Up a Mac in 5 Simple Steps

how to speed up a Mac

Did you know that having ten active web browser tabs can already use around 725 MB to 3 GB of your Mac’s RAM? That’s a lot, especially if your Apple computer only has a minimum of 8 GB of random access memory. Aside from browsers, having too many active programs can also impair your Mac. … Read more

Top 10 Mistakes ReactJS Developers Make

popular JavaScript frameworks

Hi there! How’s it going in the developers’ world? When developers work on React applications some of them often make mistakes because of an oversight, pressure to meet a deadline, or a lack of experience with React/JavaScript. Today I’m gonna tell you about the top 10 common mistakes of a ReactJS developer. ReactJS is one … Read more