2020 Accessories Trends That Are Everywhere Right Now

Like painting, dancing, or writing, getting dressed every day can serve as a form of self-expression. Through our clothing and accessory choices, we can portray our unique personality and style.

Studies show that our style can even influence our decisions, cognitive abilities, and mental wellbeing. To look, feel, and perform our best, we must dress for success. From head to toe, accessories can help level up our look.

Do you know the top 2020 accessories trends? Before you step out in your next outfit, read on for the top accessories that are turning heads this year.

Tiny Sunglasses

The days of oversized sunnies and thick frames are long gone. This year, tiny sunglasses are a favorite style among fashionistas everywhere.

Tiny sunglasses are chic, sleek, and full of attitude. These slim frames scream high-fashion when perched on the bridge of your nose, and can make any look seem more put together.

If you’re a casual dresser, consider choosing a simple tortoise print frame. This style of tiny sunglasses are gorgeous and pair well with many outfits.

For a more dressed-up look, consider sporting a pair of glossy black frames. These super dark lenses and shiny black frames look bold and modern.

Another popular style of tiny sunglasses is the rectangle, colorful kind. With rectangle, transparent sunglasses, the minimal tint allows for a wide range of colors. These frames are perfect for the early 2000s look and are one of the top fall 2020 accessories trends.

Piercings With Personality

One of the best ways to accessorize and show off your personality is through body piercings. With different metal finishes, designs, and colors, these accessories are unique and stylish.

Consider matching your earrings and necklaces, bracelets and belly piercings, or nose rings and tongue rings. This can make your looks seem more put together and aesthetically pleasing.

Another tip is to decorate your body for the seasons. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas, subtle piercings can help you look festive and stylish. Body jewelry allows the perfect opportunity to express yourself and stay on trend this year.

Chunky Shoes

Perfect for cooler months, chunky shoes keep your feet warm and stylish. With thick-soled sneakers or platform boots, chunky shoes are one of the top fall winter 2020 accessories trends.

With chunky shoes, there are tons of options that can match your style. If you’re a more casual dresser, a thick white sneaker might be perfect for you. These statement shoes pair well with trousers, dresses, or jeans.

If you enjoy a more dressed up look, a platform boot is your go-to. This shoe looks amazing with stockings, skirts, dresses, and pants.

The next time you leave the house, step out in style with a chunky shoe. This look is sure to capture attention.

Bold Chains

Seen on many of the biggest runways this year, bold chains are some of the most popular accessories trends 2020. These simple additions to your outfit can dress up even the most basic looks.

In the same way, that statement headbands are easy to wear and look high-fashion, so are bold chains. In a matter of seconds, a gold chain necklace, bracelet, or belt can add pizazz to the simplest of looks.

Consider wearing layered chain necklaces, attaching a chain to your jeans, or sporting a purse with a chain shoulder strap. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals this year. Silver and gold chains can work in harmony and add depth to your look.

This year, bold chains have even shown up on face masks. While face masks have become a part of everyday life to keep us healthy, who said they have to look bland? Consider adding a bold chain to your mask and maintaining a high-fashion look.

Statement Headbands

No matter your type of hair, statement headbands can look beautiful and turn heads this year. As one of the top hair accessory trends 2020, statement headbands offer a simple way to level up your hair game.

When putting together an outfit every day, it can take time to ensure that all accessories and clothing items look stylish. With statement headbands, you can achieve a put-together look in seconds. Rather than blow-drying or braiding your hair, throwing on a bold headband is simple, convenient, and high-fashion.

With so many different colors, materials, shapes, and styles, bold headbands are versatile and fun. Consider wearing a velvet, leather, or silk headband for a unique look. If you’re dressed in a monochrome outfit, consider wearing a bright-colored headband for an added pop.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or pin-straight, statement headbands can work in your favor.

Classic Gloves

As one of the most unique trends of this year, classic gloves are back in style. Paying homage to vintage fashion, this trend is a sure head-turner.

With leather, crocodile, latex, and more, these classic accessories come in a wide range of styles and looks. For a laid back, grunge look, fingerless leather gloves are all the rage. For a more elegant, dressed up look, silk gloves that stretch past the elbow are stunning.

While this look is feminine and chic, it can also look edgy and over-the-top. This year’s trends are all about being bold, and these gloves are no exception.

The next time you’re attending a dinner party or taking a stroll on a cold day considers stepping out in style with a pair of classic gloves.

Experiment With 2020 Accessories Trends

Dressing up is all about feeling like your best self. This can be through bold chains, chunky shoes, and beautiful body jewelry. Or it may be through elbow-length gloves, dainty sunglasses, and statement headbands.

Either way, fashion serves as a powerful tool for self-expression. When putting together your looks this year, experiment with these 2020 accessories trends for a high-fashion look.

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